In partnership with companies
and organizations with logos designed by Stefan Kanchev

Products from companies that still use their logos designed by Kanchev. We created a new label design, created according to the original signs of the author. Thus we popularize the activity of factories with long traditions in the native production and breathe new life into their trademarks.

> Wool Blankets by “Rodopska Takan”, the logotype of the factory is created in the 60’s.

Material: 100% merino wool
Weight: 400 g. sq. m.
Size: 130/155cm
Colours: grey, light blue

In partnership with new brands
that recognize the design of Stefan Kanchev

These products have a white label. Attached to them is a booklet with stickers with Kanchev’s trademarks, from which anyone can to choose the one from them, to become the trademark of his Logo Room Stefan Kanchev product.
And this is how we promote the culture heritage he left behind.

> Selected Wine by “Rilska Izba Winery”, inspired by Kanchev’s great admiration about good wine.

750 ml